Board of Trustees 2017-2018



Herring Run

Herring Run

Eunice Burley, President

Paul T. Chamberlin, Vice President

Roy B. Meservey, Jr., Treasurer

Edith W. Tuxbury, Clerk



Rachel Barnes

Jeanne Branson

John P. Farrell

Jane Harris

Steven LaPierre

Robert Lear

Nat Mason

Tony Murphy

Carol Odell

Peter O'Neill

Gerry Stahl

Tim Weller

Tim Willis


Honorary Trustees

Kristin Andres

Eugene Doggett

William Schweizer

David Doherty

Andrew P. Young

Jonathan Vaughan

Norman A. Clark (deceased)

Edward “Ned” Jacob (deceased)

Joseph A. Nickerson (deceased)


Trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting to serve a three-year term. A Trustee may serve three consecutive terms. The President, Vice President and Treasurer are elected for one-year terms by the Board of Trustees at their meeting immediately following the Annual Meeting. The Clerk is elected for a one-year term by members at the Annual Meeting. All Trustees and Officers shall be members of the Foundation.